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How Long Will It Take To Sell My Home Right Now?

Nowadays, because of the changes in the real estate market, this question gets asked a lot: how long will it take for my home to sell if I was to put it on the market today?

This is a great question, and honestly, here at the beach, it’s a tale of multiple markets.  we have Sussex County, Delaware and Coastal Delaware, and then, we have the Maryland beaches and inland as well and every market is local and a little bit different. But what is sure is that on average right now, we still have less homes available compared to the amount of demand that is out there. 

There’s just simply not enough to choose from. That being said, depending on your pricing strategy, you might hit the market and if you miss the mark and go a little high, it’s going to take longer to sell. But if you price it with energy, you price it at a number that when a buyer walks in, they say to themselves, “man, this feels good; this number is right. I don’t want to lose it.” Those are the homes that we’re seeing sell very quickly, sometimes, in just a few days. 

On average, here at the beach, when you combine Sussex County as well as Worcester County, Maryland, we are looking at about three months’ supply. So, depending on how you price it is going to determine how fast you sell your house. 

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