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Lead Follow-Up System for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents, are you looking for a lead follow-up system that will lead to success? 

Now, more than ever, it’s super important that we stay in touch with our clients, not just to tell them about properties on the market, but more importantly, to tell them what’s going on with the market. 

The follow-up plan to ensure that you reach all of your clients is crucial. 

Type of Buyers

Before you plan your strategies, you need to divide your clients into four categories: 

  • A BUYERS – They are always looking for a property, and if they find the right one, you always have an appointment that’s set to go to show that property 
  • B BUYERS – These buyers are going to be your 30 to 90 days out buyers. 
  • C BUYERS – They are the 90 days+ buyers. 
  • Your sphere of influence. That’s anybody that you know that could be your past clients. These could be people in the community who trust you and would work with you if they found the right property, and they’d refer you. 

Follow-Up Strategies for Buyers

So what is the follow-up strategy? 

With A buyers, you always have a standing employment, so whenever you find the right one, you’re going to go show it. 

With B buyers, you want to contact them on the first and the 15th of every month. This allows you to stay in touch with them, do a quick update as to what’s come on the market, and you will call them on the 1st and 15th. 

For your C buyers, you want to contact them on the 8th of every month. The eighth of every month is the once-a-month check-in that they need to stay in touch. 

Then, finally, your sphere of influence. It works best to contact them on the 22nd of each month. That way, you can have a calendar to ensure that you reach all of your clients and keep them informed as to what’s going on in the marketplace. 

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