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Pricing Your Home in 2022

If you’re selling your home in 2022, what is the trick? How can you be successful?

Our top advice for sellers as we come halfway through 2022 is that when you’re putting the property on the market, we need to make sure that we’re pricing the property with energy. 

What does that mean?

This means that the aspirational prices that we’ve seen in the past might not be the best strategy for putting the home on the market today. We want to price it with energy. Energy is that level where when the home comes on the market, the buyers say to themselves, “wow! that looks like a home that i really want, that looks like a deal,” as opposed to putting it on at that aspirational price where the buyer might say, “that looks like a great home, but I’m just not so sure about that pricing.”

To win in today’s market, we need to have a strategy where we ensure that the home shows its best and has an energy price tag on it from the beginning. If we follow that plan, there is a sure path to success with selling your home in 2022.

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