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    Seller Story – The Love For Ocean City And New Beginnings

    As I sat at the table addressing our 2018 holiday card to Atlantic Shores
    Realty I paused. My heart immediately filled with so many OC memories that
    I had to pen one additional message: “Ryan, it all started with High Point
    North.” In writing this simple note, I wanted to make sure that Atlantic
    Shores Realty and in particular Ryan Haley understood what an impact our
    OC condo had on our family. Ryan helped us embark on our beach dream
    with the purchase of a beautiful condo at High Point North and again helped
    us sell that condo when a new beach adventure in Hawaii called. You see,
    as native Marylanders, my husband and I had grown up with vivid memories
    of summer vacations on the Eastern shore. Oh the joys Ocean City brought to
    us as children. Cruising the boardwalk, picking crabs, stopping for candy
    kitchen treats, amusement park rides and the endless beach walks were all
    experiences forever etched into our memories. Memories, that we wanted to
    pass along to our two little girls Chloe (4) and Camille (2). You see, it was that
    special little condo on the 7th floor that really started our journey to Hawaii.
    We will always cherish that time on our balcony watching the waves crash
    below, taking in the many sunrises and feeling the cool ocean breeze. The
    experience of owning the condo gave us so much more than we could have
    ever imagined. It helped us balance the hustle and bustle of the DMV grind.
    How our family time and quality of life changed was truly priceless.
    While selling properties in preparation for the Hawaii move, it was the
    sale of our little condo that hit us the hardest and many tears flowed that day. We truly believe that if we did not experience Ocean City at that time in our family’s lives, we may never have taken the leap of faith to pursue a job in Hawaii. Although, living in Hawaii is indeed paradise, Ocean City will forever have a special place in out hearts. We are grateful to Ryan and Atlantic Shores Realty for their honest guidance, realistic expectations and open collaboration from start to finish.

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