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Top 5 Aspects of a Social Media Plan for Real Estate Agents

When it comes to social media planning for your real estate marketing, there are 5 most important aspects you should consider. 

Ryan Haley breaks down these important items you need when planning your social media and your marketing. 

  1. Why post?

Figure out why you are posting to social media to set out your objectives.

  1. What channels to use

Find out which channels are going to work best for your objectives. 

  1. Who is your audience?

You need to know the specific audience that you wish to capture. Ask yourself who you are hoping to reach. Also, ask what value you are hoping to bring to that particular set of people. 

  1. How do you deliver that content?

You also need to think about how you will deliver that content for your audience to view and gain value from that content. 

  1. Track and Measure

Once you have put your content out there on social media, you’ll need to track and measure everything to make sure you know how effective your content is. 

To track and measure your social media success, you need to look at your analytics. Find out how many people view your content. On Facebook, we’re talking mostly of about three-second views, so you have to check how many three-second views you got. Also, track how many people liked and shared your content. 

How hot did your content get, and how organically stimulating was your content? Did you get comments, and did you comment back? These are among the things you need to track and measure to see if you have put out a great piece or if it was a dud. 

Then, you can learn from the analytics in your future posts. The tracking and measuring aspect is the most important part as this will tell you if you should do another post like that in the future. 

One of the things to ask, if you are trying to get leads, is how many clicked on your link and how many signed up on your lead form. 

Tracking and measuring are very important whether it’s social media marketing or the effectiveness of your print advertising, In this business, it’s important to remember to track and measure anything. 

If you have any other questions, Ryan Haley will be happy to assist in any way. 

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