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Why You Should Buy the Investment Property in 2021

Have you thought about buying real estate as a means to build wealth?

Ryan Haley, broker and owner of Atlantic Shores Sotheby’s International Realty, talks about one of the greatest ways to build wealth—real estate. 

While there has been much talk about buying the first vacation home and selling one’s primary residence to buy a new primary residence, homebuyers should also think about using real estate as a way to build wealth. 

You may already have a second home by the beach, but is this the time to buy the investment property?

Ryan is a great believer in real estate as an investment as he has been an active property investor and currently planning to buy his third property this year, all for investment purposes. 

Tangible Investment

The unique thing about living in the Ocean City area, at the beach, is that you have the ability to buy an investment property that is tangible.  

Unlike other investments where you only watch your investment growth movements on a screen or a piece of paper, real estate investment is tangible, something you can see, feel, and use. 

At the beach, you can do what is called a “hybrid investment.” You buy a property that is a great Airbnb to rent for vacationers, and whenever you want, you can use that property for your own holiday or vacation at the beach. In Ocean City, it also gets more exciting as the holiday seasons get extended, thanks to more events happening at the beach. This means more opportunities for rental income for you.

You can also buy real estate now as a way to hedge inflation. That’s because right now, it is looking like real estate prices will continue to go up. Experts are saying that growth will be moderate, but the increase in property prices will continue in the next three to four years. 

What are the benefits of property investments?

You can buy a property as an investment, and from rentals, you get help in paying bills. You’ll also get tax benefits in addition to value appreciation.  

Atlantic Shores Vacations

Real estate is a great investment option, and we have Atlantic Shores Vacations, which is a property management company to help you manage your property from a rental standpoint. 

Atlantic Shores Vacations can also guide you and give you tips as to how to position yourself to be able to buy that investment property. 

We’re getting into the time of the year where we’re seeing a bit more inventory and a little less competition from other buyers. 

So, if property investment is something you’ve been thinking of getting into, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. 

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