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Why You Should Stay in Touch With Your Clients After a Transaction

As a real estate agent, your relationship with your client does not stop once the transaction is done. 

Ryan Haley and Steven Diaz sit down to discuss why real estate agents should stay in touch with their clients after completing a transaction. 

As an agent, you should let your clients know that you can help them with anything. A lot of clients do not realize that they could reach out to their real estate agent even after a transaction is done. 

It is still part of your job as an agent to see to it that their transition is going smoothly. 

Forty-five percent of clients say they have never been contacted by their agent after settlement. This equates to almost half of your business. If you look at a database, it is probably your easiest way of doing business as a real estate agent. 

The numbers show that 68% of your database is going to transact on a yearly basis. Depending on the size of your database, this percentage could mean 10 sales or 16 sales, or even 600 potential sales. 

If about 50% of the clients are not being contacted after they get to the process, there won’t be any reason for those past clients to send you a referral. Realtors would love referrals, and your past clients would be a good source. 

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