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Your 3 Options Once You Receive an Offer on Your Home

As a seller, what are the options you have when you receive an offer for your house? 

This is a great question. We have lots of activity in the market right now, we have showings, and so when ultimately, we receive an offer on your home, what are the three options you have?

1. Accept Offer

Your first option is to accept their offer. This is when the buyer presented an offer, all the terms look great, and you want to go ahead and accept it. So, you go ahead and sign that contract. Now, you have a binding contract, and you’re moving towards either going through the contingencies or moving towards settlement. 

2. Decline the Offer

You could decline the offer and flat out say “this offer does not work for me, I do not want anything to do with it, and so I’m going to decline that offer. 

3. Negotiate

The most common response that we see is you could negotiate with that buyer. Som you could counter-offer that buyer. It may be a counter-offer to the purchase price or it could be a counter-offer to the terms. 

It could be a situation where somebody presented that they want to make it contingent upon a home sale, but you realize that you don’t want to accept that contingency and take your home off the market at a time when other buyers might want to purchase it. 

In Closing

Those are your three options when it comes to receiving an offer on your home. If you want to learn more, or if you have other questions you want to ask, give us a call, so we can discuss them with you. 

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